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celeTextI am always excited to learn that others are on the crusade to save the lost art of letter writing. I saw this article in a recently downloaded issue four of LMNOP magazine and am already plotting out a plan to get to Vancouver. All things celebrating the printed/written word are on the docket here at The Regional Assembly of Text. Their most exciting offering in my book is the Letter Writing Club which meets the first Thursday of every month. Hooray Brandy and Rebecca! Similarly, you can join the Letter Writers Alliance right here. I did!


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I check in here all the time and I’m in love with everything you do. I thought I would comment this time because I also just joined up to a letter writing club. It’s a one time deal but it might be worth checking out.

Thanks for sharing this new link. I’m going to run over there and check it out.

Comment by Micheline

I love it. Thanks so much for sharing!

Comment by Allison Bozeman

It’s an amazing store! You must go. There’s so much to see and do in Vancouver. You’ll love it.

Comment by Jenny Lacey

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