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June 9, 2011, 3:49 pm
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Yesterday morning, I awoke under a new feedsack quilt of my Granny’s creation. And it dawned on me that I left off about a year ago tweeting a Feedsack a Day. Today, I will pick up where I left off – May 31st, 2010 #151 of 365 where I featured a favorite as the last of a series from the {kimmymade} Flickr photostream – a tiny sugar sack with red and pink geometric pattern and atomic starbursts.

Daily Feedsack feature No. 151 of 365 for 2010 ending this kimmymade month on a SUPER high note.

I may even go double or nothing as I went this spring to bdp south and came back with a mountain of new feedsacks!

ps. I am newly addicted to instagram for the iPhone!


March is My Month

I love to open a Google Analytics Alert to find a sweet blog post on something I hold dear to my heart. Thank you Kathya of CHOCOLOCATERIA! March is my month too! And you reminded me that I wanted to write an in depth post about each month explaining the inspiration behind each composition this year. I guess I need to get started.

2011 Heritage Handmade Calendar : Get them THIS Weekend in Boulder!

Barely off the press and into the package, almost half of these 2011 Limited Edition Calendars have found a happy home and a prominent space on the wall! Theresa illustrated and carved a woodcut for each animal in the calendar and I added color, layout and of course feedsack-inspired patterns to each one. It tops the list as one of my favorite and most rewarding collaborative experiences to date! We are so proud of the work that went into them and are so happy to see how well they’ve been received. They are flying out of my vintage market suitcase! Last chance to get them in person and talk to the artists is this weekend at the Firefly Handmade Holiday Market on Pearl Street in Boulder. Or you can order one in my online shoppe and we will ship it to you.

This calendar features 12 months of woodcut heritage breeds {and a few other farm friends for fun}, feedsack-inspired patterns, heirloom crops and moon phases. It is letterpress printed on sustainable bamboo paper and tied with authentic vintage feedsack. Each page becomes 5×7 art print to keep.

calendar 2011

We are beyond thrilled on this fantastic feedsack friday to announce our 2011 Calendar project. A collaboration between Allison of BirdDog Press and Theresa of WonderBound Press. This calendar features woodcuts of heritage breed farm animals, a showcase of heirloom seeds and patterns inspired by vintage feedsacks cultivating 12 beautiful scenes to see you through 2011. The calendar was designed with the intent of paying respect to the current homesteading movement, permaculture and bringing awareness to the healthy diversity that is critical for saving American farms today. Each month will bring to life a combination of function and beauty – a month of days, the phases of the moon, a heritage breed, an heirloom crop, a feedsack inspired pattern – handprinted on an antique letterpress on sustainable bamboo paper. With each turn of the page, the illustration becomes a frame-worthy 5×7 letterpress print to keep.

The calendars will be $40 and will be ready by December 1st. Due to the high interest in this work, we will gladly take pre-orders. Contact us for more information or go HERE to pre-order online.

October 25, 2010, 12:14 am
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Recession got you down? Let the Depression cheer you up! Just received my official 2010 Promotion Design Award in the mail from HOW. Check out the BirdDog press kit featured on Page 57 of the September/October 2010 Self-Promo Design Annual. Inspired by the genius reusable packaging we love so well, we created this promotion with genuine vintage feedsack fabric and our own removable paper label along with buttons, sewn paper details and brilliant color photography from Julia Vandenoever. More photos of the press kit here.

Free Four Fall
October 11, 2010, 3:05 pm
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Free Four Fall! A selection of four desktop wallpaper patterns!

In honor of the patterns created for the Barley & Birch fall line {available Nov. 1st, right Kyle?} and just because I love you all, here are four free patterns for your desktop beautification. Just click on the picture above and choose a pattern and your preferred resolution. Each pattern was inspired by a vintage feedsack and aimed at drawing attention to the importance of supporting local family farms that grow diverse heirloom crops and raise heritage breeds.

first art show

Happy Friday! I have been off schedule with the blog for quite some time now and honestly this will probably continue throughout the summertime. The Lyons Open Studio Tour was last weekend and I am now trying to nail down which weekend indie craft shows to commit to for the rest of the summer. In the meantime, if you missed seeing the BirdDog Press on the tour, you can still catch a glimpse of another new direction with my feedsack pattern passion, more of an artprint style – affordable art in the form of little scenes of eco-crafted paper quilt collages. My first coffee shop gallery show is on display for the month of June at my favorite local Bhakti Chai hangout, The Stone Cup!

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