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June 9, 2011, 3:49 pm
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Yesterday morning, I awoke under a new feedsack quilt of my Granny’s creation. And it dawned on me that I left off about a year ago tweeting a Feedsack a Day. Today, I will pick up where I left off – May 31st, 2010 #151 of 365 where I featured a favorite as the last of a series from the {kimmymade} Flickr photostream – a tiny sugar sack with red and pink geometric pattern and atomic starbursts.

Daily Feedsack feature No. 151 of 365 for 2010 ending this kimmymade month on a SUPER high note.

I may even go double or nothing as I went this spring to bdp south and came back with a mountain of new feedsacks!

ps. I am newly addicted to instagram for the iPhone!


And the Winner is …
July 1, 2010, 1:41 am
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Back in March, we announced a goal to get 500 fans on FaceBook. We achieved that goal on May 21st. Yay! We are just getting around to honoring that 15 winner challenge, and the winners are: Paige F., Carter L., Chris H., Wendy C., Lisa H., Lisa Q., Hilary C., Eben G., Libby A., Priscilla M., Heather S., Carey B., Shelly S., Katy B., Sage D., and Aimee G.

Whew! That was harder than we thought. With all of the new privacy on FaceBook, the random list we had made a couple of weeks ago was tough to access. We reloaded our page 15 times and picked the top left fan in each reload to achieve a fair list. Then when we went back to send everyone a message of their winnings, you can’t search for people who aren’t your friends, even if they are your fan. So, we had to reload the page until those folks came up again in order to use the “send a message” feature. It took a while, but you all helped us reach our goal and so you deserve some paper goods in return.

If you won, you have been sent a message on FaceBook. Let us know your address and we’ll send you a surprise! Thanks again and be sure and participate in our next goal of 1000 followers on Twitter!

new year, new gear
January 1, 2010, 2:28 pm
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granny's feedsack dress

How serendipitous that 2010 would begin on a Feedsack Friday!

So it would seem that last year at this time, I posted no assessment of goals or a how-far-have-I-come post and I am remembering that it was because I was moving into my new studio! That alone is just HUGE! Finishing up construction and painting over the holidays, I got my Chandler & Price 8×12 platen press moved in the first week of 2009 and there was no looking back. It has become a great little space for my creativity to take root, has been a wonderful meeting place for clients to come and get the whole experience and it is still evolving. In fact, I  hope to get in there tomorrow and finish a bit of reorganizing so that another press can be moved in soon!

I am once again exhilarated and overwhelmed all at the same time. Despite talk of a weak economy in 2009, it was a year of progress for the BirdDog Press. Trying to get everything squared away to hit the ground running in the new year has been a noble effort, and I haven’t given up yet. Among other planning madness, I have already picked all of the patterns for 12 more months of the letterpress Feedsack of the Month Club, purchased the lookbooks for the official launch of the bdp custom wood type stationery collection, finished up assignments for my Bakery Half Dozen biz e-course, and signed my life away to exhibit again at this year’s National Stationery Show!


ps. Happy First Feedsack Friday! It has been estimated that there were 20,000 feedsack patterns produced, so I figured it wouldn’t be hard to come up with 365 of them. For 2010, I will be revealing a Daily Feedsack via Twitter @birdmaiden. The first one {above} is from my Granny’s first feedsack dress, while it is the same pattern, she says hers was more of an aqua/turquoise – similar to the color of the year!

meets & greets


I met so many wonderful folks at the National Stationery Show this year. It is a joy to make new friends and make great connections. Upon arrival to the show floor on Monday, I went straight to Delphine for Monday Morning Mimosas – yum! – because I was so sad to have to leave before their scheduled get together on Tuesday night at TouchNYC, which I now come to find out was a celebration for Erika’s Birthday! John humored me with answers to many questions about the way they run their press, and the work they did for Strathmore. And as a huge bonus, I was able to meet Darcy Miller and her team from Martha Stewart Weddings. I was so excited, I forgot to tell them that we did stationery for the same wedding, Heather + Brandon had Delphine for your party goodies at a shower and I did their custom wedding invitations and guestbook.


I met up with two blogger friends through Twitter which was great to use since I was on the move on the show floor. Here I am with the lovely Carina of Crow & Canary where we met up at the Green Paper Company booth. What a delightful and insightful girl! Someday, I’ll talk her into adding me to the list of companies she reps ;) … More on the blogger front, Tuesday morning I met Nole of Oh So Beautiful Paper for coffee and I am so sad that I didn’t get any photos. Both Carina & Nole have done FABULOUS coverage of the show, so you should check their posts out. I am noticing that I missed a lot of great paper!


Most of the booths I visited were the small letterpress companies like me. But I just had to pop in to the Chronicle Books booth for a peep. There I met a senior designer, Kristen, who indulged me and met my propensity for the beautiful patterns they had on display from ReproDepot and new cutout animals from Junzo Terada.


Just as I met Joy of flybird press in the Chewing the Cud booth, the ladies of Strathmore/Felt & Wire showed up and gave me this cute “paper obsessed” button. If you haven’t seen the custom work that Chewing the Cud puts out there, I suggest you run, not walk.


The other buttons in this photo? Well they are from the highly organized & innovative Paper+Cup. I love the one that says “Have a Bonjour”. And while I was in the Paper+Cup booth, I had the pleasure of meeting Grace of Design*Sponge. See how things connect and keep rolling as you stroll the aisles? Now I am not only PAPER OBSESSED, but I am OBSESSED with PEOPLE who love PAPER.

Three! Two! One! Contact.
February 23, 2009, 6:32 am
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{Bird}Dogs are loyal companions. I love fanmail, fetch, frolicing and friends! Just wanted you to know where you can find me:

Become a Fan on FaceBook / Network the Blog on FaceBook / Satisfy your Paper Craving on Etsy / Peruse Photos on Flickr / Sign up for Seasonal eNews / Bookmark / Hunt it up on Twitter / Delve into Daily Blog Posts



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January 16, 2009, 7:57 am
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Among the Twittering, Flickring and Facebooking in the Blogosphere {sheesh, could I throw out some more geek words?} – there are a few more things I’d like to share that I learned from Chicks who Click …

If you are the stylie design type, go get a dose of DesignBabylon, devoted to luxury and pleasure.

If you are a savvy geek, maybe you haven’t heard of lijit, … It is an amazing way to increase cross-channel exposure.

and If you are one of the folks who joined the Facebook “I hate Crocs” club, maybe you’re unaware that Crocs doesn’t just make shoes with holes in them.

and while we’re on the subject of fashion, I need some suggestions. I’m in the market for a new pair of jeans and I’m wondering what is your favorite brand for style, fit, etc?

Alrighty then, over and out! I’m going to go spend some time with good friends, good wine and good times … Be back Monday!

{ twittery tweet tweet }
January 16, 2009, 7:35 am
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Back to my goal of the week, to shout out and honor the Chicks Who Click this week … my new follows on Twitter are:

@gwenbell, @kirtsy, @dooblehvay, @AndreaMeyer, @Greeblemonkey, @waynesutton, @Deetells, @cr8tvjen, @georgegsmithjr, @GeekMommy, @Crazycanuckblog, @babycandystore, @Ginaschrek, @tarable, @DesignBabylon, @fruitlady, @Elainiac, @doylealbee, @claddyjack, @kathydragon, @girlontheband, @zenaweist, @samababy

and I am just now starting to really see the light. Before, I felt like I was reading a bunch of inside jokes that I wasn’t truly a part of – and now I have learned that it is about sharing knowledge, and building relationships, and that you have to interact with the space to get the benefit.

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