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First Friday on Pearl Street : Small Press

Tonight! It’s First Friday October 7thBoulder Arts & Crafts welcomes 9 local artists participating in “small press: the art of letterpress“. The show will run through November 6th. We are pleased to have a Chandler & Price Pilot Press in the window!
This show celebrates modern approaches to the time honored art of typesetting and small press printmaking. The artists are: David Ashley, Allison Bozeman, Rick Griffith, Alicia McKim, Kay Moller, Tom Parson, Ray Tomasso, Gail Watson & Matthew Winheld.

A percentage of sales will benefit the Book Arts League, a local group dedicated to preserving the arts of bookbinding, paper making and letterpress printing. From its home base on an historic farm in Lafayette, the Book Arts League offers hands on classes in all the book arts. Letterpress fanatics will be interested in attending the Open House at the Ewing Farm in Lafayette this Saturday October 1st. Visit for more information.

Boulder Arts & Crafts
October 7th – First Friday Artist Reception
1421 Pearl Street Mall – 6 – 8 pm


foodie foundation

The Heritage Handmade Calendar has brought so much joy and opportunity to the BirdDog Press since it’s creation in collaboration with WonderBound Press. The rewards just keep coming! I am happy to announce yet one more connection this collection of days carefully pressed on paper has given me – Black Cat Farm~Table~Bistro. They are a picture of exactly what the calendar set out to celebrate. Eric and Jill Skokan are a treat to work with. They have cultivated an inspirational 70-acre farm in Boulder with heritage breed pigs, sheep and chickens, as well as row after row of organic heirloom vegetables which they tend to with full heart and soul and serve in their 13th Street Boulder restaurant.

Kirsten Boyer Photography

Kirsten Boyer Photography

Today, they are cooking at the James Beard House in New York, having been invited for another event after last year’s debut. Just this past Thursday, my husband and I had the pleasure of cozying up on one of their plush leather loveseats for a tasting of what will be offered tonight in the Big Apple. Paired with wine, each course was an experience to discover, reflect and savor. The vibe of the restaurant, the care that goes into each morsel of flavor and knowing that each bite could be traced to local origins right down to the very root it came from made me feel almost a celebrity status.

Kirsten Boyer Photography

addicted to making

I admit it. I am officially addicted to making. Creating something that I imagined with my own two hands. There are a billion manifestations for doing that of course: Drawing, Painting, Knitting, Printmaking, Sewing, Felting, … Thread, Ink, Yarn, Paintbrush, Pencil, Needle … I am always up for trying something new. Growing up, I can recall phases of quilting, toll painting, basketweaving, tiedye, collage, candlewicking, beading, … oh! and remember those friendship bracelets? I still have a whole box of that embroidery thread, organized by color. Each art was learned and usually practiced in a group setting, often with my mom or friends, creating, learning and sharing together. Maybe that is part of what I loved about it so much, not just the craft itself but the creating of relationships around it.

My career choice was to become an expert in graphic design. Maybe I chose it because it is so collaborative in nature – collaboration with clients but also of materials and elements of other crafts to come up with new solutions and explore other nooks of my creativity. The handmade lifestyle is woven in to my being from every aspect. It is a huge part of who I am.

This video makes me giddy. I have never picked up a knitting needle, but I plan to soon. Patience may be my downfall on this wild and wooly endeavor, but the camaraderie that I expect to find in my winter knitting circle will be a highlight, I know! Of course I don’t expect to be a master of every kind of craft – but if you like to make as much as I do, and you like the idea of a sense of community around making – I must say I am so thrilled to tell you that there is an opportunity to try a number of techniques, learning from amazing artists and inspiring teachers, while making new crafty friends among Colorado Chautauqua scenery in cozy cottages at the Makerie, THIS Spring!! See what it is all about:

ps. the video is from Slate Falls Press, knit in 80 seconds.

Two Hands
October 27, 2010, 7:43 am
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About 10 years ago, when we moved to Boulder, one of my first discoveries was Two Hands Paperie. Open mouth, proceed to drool. Carefully curated racks of handmade papers from all over the world, letterpress cards, books, embellishments, notebooks, exquisite writing utensils … you get it. Basically, my kind of heaven and an excellent place to buy a gift. With holiday season upon us, I am proud to announce that BirdDog Press paper goods are available at Two Hand Paperie and I would especially like to point you to the bdp WoodType Stationery Collection, now on prominent display at Two Hands and an excellent gift choice for anyone on your list!

Light My Fire!

I needed another thing on my list, like I needed to set my head on fire. But I went ahead and did it anyway. Who wouldn’t want to work with Kristin of Studio22 {yes, the one with the house I want to move into} and Denise of my favorite kiddo clothier, Dandy Social Club? It was an opportunity to be incessantly inspired, immerse myself in the local/grassroots direction I was headed anyway and meld with like minds. I couldn’t say no.

So … Firefly Handmade is here! and we’re setting it ablaze with a holiday handmade craft market December 10th, 11th & 12th on Pearl Street in Boulder!

That means we’re looking for exceptional Colorado crafters to apply by October 25th for our market. All of you creative folks that I have met at the past few markets of the summer, Horseshoe, Sweet William … It’s time to bring your goods to Boulder town. Download the application on our website today!

22 million things to love

Just got back from the world’s shortest Boulder Open Studios Tour and am figuring away to weasel my way in to this home + studio with out being the elephant in the room. I am inspired and in love with every nook + cranny of this space and the art within it. Kristin is an inspiration and has the energy and ideas of ten artists. I am thrilled to be working with Kristin on the Firefly Handmade project and am saving up for the day when I can spend 22k on some of her commission art. Maybe for now she will just take me for a ride in her Studio 22 truck. As far as I can see, she is living the dream. My dream!

What a wonder of an afternoon spent within those walls. I may just go back for more tomorrow and you should too! Wow, I sound like the stalker of envy don’t I? Really, I am just filled with happy energy after being there and maybe just an over-exuberant fan, but not in a creepy way, … I swear!

ps. Plus, if her work is not your cup of tea {obviously you can tell it is mine} there are 100 others to see in Boulder this weekend.


As Luck Would Have It

You can catch us in the Horseshoe Craft & Flea featured vendors, as of today! We’re excited to be a part of it and all of our other autumn appearances:

Come say hello and support handmade.

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