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February 3, 2010, 9:37 pm
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I have received so many inquiries and notes of encouragement over this eBay thing, I just had to follow up after a little more research. This makes me even more annoyed with the whole thing. I just went to leave feedback on the most recent item I purchased on eBay, another feedsack, and this time took much closer notice of the details. Now, I did learn what “DSR” stands for – Detailed Seller Rating – and that little blue box next to the stars explains that this rating is Anonymous and you should be honest, so first of all how did this other seller block me when she didn’t know where the rating came from? And I guarantee you I didn’t leave less than 4 stars which is “Accurate” whereas 5 stars would be “Very Accurate” – I still don’t see how that is negative. In fact, here is how my positive rating reads in my feedback history: “excellent addition to my collection!” with the little green plus sign

And hers to me: “Smooth Transaction~Highly Recommend ~ Thank you!” with the little green plus sign

Grrr! okay. I’m over it now, but I still don’t really understand it.


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What I know about the DSR is that the higher it is, the more prominently your items are featured in search results, similar product features, etc. The lower it is, the less prominently you’re featured. I can only imagine what she’d have done had you left her negative feedback!

Comment by Kim

Less than five is punitive as far as Ebay is concerned. the system is unfair to buyers AND sellers, because to buyers, it’s asking for honesty and seems harmless, but a seller who gets less than five consistently is punished with lower visibility, has their status lowered, and has fewer search results.

Comment by Jennifer E.

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