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i won! {i wish}
January 29, 2010, 6:57 am
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jonquil feedsack

one little, two little, three little feedsack auctions on eBay. yippee! and sadly, the above isn’t one of them. I want it really badly, but the seller {whom i’ve bought from before, paid promptly & gave positive feedback to} says that she won’t sell to me b/c I somehow lowered her “DSR ratings” – what does that even mean? She actually said I “punished” her. Why would I do that? I just want to buy an old piece of fabric! Bizarre. Anyway, If someone wants to buy this and then turn around and sell it to me, I’m a guaranteed customer.

… and that’s all i have to say today. MUST get caught up on design and custom projects … the year is off to a dynamic start!!


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That’s bizarre. I’ve sold on Ebay many times and haven’t heard of anything like that! The only thing I could think of is if you’d checked off that she charged too much for shipping or something, and all of a sudden her rating went down and she saw you were the last to give feedback. I live in CO… let me know if you want me to buy it for you.

Comment by Abbie

Strange! I don’t mind getting it for you either…just let me know, I am in Fort Collins!
Tail Wags,

Comment by Moose

You know, I had an issue with this seller as well. I bought a feedsack through the Buy It Now function that advertised for free shipping, and she kept trying to charge me shipping. I had to politely email her a few times reminding her that the listing had promised free shipping. She finally revised the invoice, but basically told me that the free shipping had been a mistake. (The full, opened sack was $12, incl. free shipping, which is a bargain for her shop, which often has starting bids of $14.99, so it prob was a mistake on her end, though that’s not my fault!)

Anyway, I hope that you get … and enjoy … your sack :-) It’s a pretty on!

Comment by Kim

Update: My good friend, Jill, bought it for me!!! I guess I have a lot to learn about eBay. Kim, How wild that you had an experience with this seller too. Thanks for the encouragement all!

Comment by Allison Bozeman

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