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January 28, 2010, 9:08 am
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letterpress broadside

My piece for a collaborative project that I contributed at the request of Gail of Birdwood Press honoring the poetry of my letterpress mentor, Tom Parson {a poet, kind soul & typophile} –  Just for him, I hand-set 8 lines of tiny 9pt Bodoni, which first had to be sorted into a type case. In case you’re wondering, it took a LONG time. But letter by letter, I learned the layout of a traditional California Job Case. Hopefully, Tom will be proud. Choosing a poem titled Whipoorwill, because it conjures wonderful imagery and sounds from my southern upbringing, I combined a trio of color and a tri-fecta of photopolymer, lead type and {my favorite} wood type. I owe a lot to Tom and still have a ton to learn from him. He is truly an original and I appreciate him to the core.


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Really nice use of type – love the colors, too!

Comment by Becca Shew

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