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January 26, 2010, 10:16 pm
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puma purple

What inspires your color choices? Hues that amuse you? I wouldn’t ordinarily call myself a “purple person” but I do own these shoes and was drawn to this color-scheme for printing this week.


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I haven’t done it yet, but I keep talking about decorating rooms based upon the colors of my pets. Yes, I know this sounds crazy, but they are colors of nature. For example, I have a cat that is grey, beige, deep brown, with slate blue eyes. That would be an incredibly calming room. Another cat is mostly a chocolate brown with white and orange, along with green eyes. I think you could get some fantastic rooms based upon these color schemes.

Comment by Sarah E. Welch

I love that idea. Have you seen FLOR’s housepet line? The colors are named “tabby cat” “goldfish” “hamster” “chinchilla” …

Comment by Allison Bozeman

Ohhh, I just looked it up–very nice. I haven’t used any FLOR products yet, but I’d like to give them a shot in our next home.

Comment by Sarah E. Welch

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