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January 25, 2010, 11:12 am
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inking the press

C has good days and bad days at the studio. Just like the rest of us, some days he enjoys work and others, well, he would rather go home. It is a perk of working for myself that I have the ability to take him to work with me and that he is a part of my routine at the studio. I really like the idea of a family business and learning responsibility and the hard but satisfying work it takes to make a living. C enjoys helping me clean the press and putting ink on it, especially if it is yellow! He understands that mommy has to print and the dangers of going to close to the press when it is running. He gladly kisses me goodbye at home when I am headed to the studio without him and seems to take pride in agreeing to print one more run before we break for lunch. Obviously I am not advocating child labor, but the comprehension of a profession and skills that make up a job are valuable lessons in my book. What are your thoughts about impressing a work ethic upon your children?


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I think it’s great to show children what you do as a parent. They will remember everything they learn and be influenced by it. Who knows, C may be the next generation’s letterpress printer!

Comment by marsinah

oh, and it’s great to have an extra pair of hands to help in the studio!

Comment by marsinah

A gets bummed when they are running errands, & Noelle has to drive a different way than by the shop. He’s the 3rd generation growing up at the shop after Pappaw opened it, & I think it’s amazing. I also think C is amazing, & so cute!

Comment by jill

i heart him – hope to see you guys soon!

Comment by LobotoME

I think that sharing this way with your son is an amazing gift to him. No doubt his experiences working with you in your studio will become memories he’ll cherish when he’s older. A few times I bought my boys with me when I went to visit my letterpress printer. He graciously showed them how the press works and my boys were absolutely fascinated. My oldest son was so thrilled to try out the drill press to punch some holes in paper and push the button to turn on the huge paper cutter. At home later they played “letterpress printing” and turned the couch cushions into a letterpress!

Comment by Lisa (Sweetbeets)

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