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Yesterday morning at breakfast, B & I asked Cullin what was his favorite food? He rattled off everything on his plate. The point is kids truly live in the moment and we slowly kill that instinct off through schedules, our hurried busy lives.

I think the last time I was truly in the moment was the day that Cullin was born. All other thoughts about what I should or could be doing were missing completely from my mind. I was focused on one thing and one thing only – giving birth. Cullin turned 3 this month, and  I am dedicating this week of blog posts to the celebration of his three years of life.


We talked about the big Birthday Party at length. Reading Curious George and the Birthday Surprise over and over, imagining the possibilities. We established early on in the discussions that cupcakes were a must {Jellybean Cupcakes} to be exact. Party hats, balloons – and games! Pulling from another bedtime story, “Can we play Ring-the-Gack?” he asked on a stroll to the post office one day. For those of you familiar with Dr. Seuss, this will make sense. For the rest of you, stay tuned and you’ll see!



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this seems to be a prevalent topic this week doesn’t it? being present but somehow still getting things done in a creative and mindful way, plus self-care, nurturing of our relationships & growing our businesses…yikes. ;-) give cullin a hug for me today! ps – you know you rock, right? xoxo, j :)

Comment by LobotoME

it’s a tall order. we do the best we can. and some days it all goes according to plan. and some days are tough!

Comment by Allison Bozeman

Allison– You are a good mom. Cullin is so lucky. I cannot wait to see posts for the rest of the week & Cullin’s bday photos.

Comment by Shannon Sunderland

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