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beat it, billie jean


A call was put out earlier this spring on a forum to which I belong, called Ladies of Letterpress. It was for a printer’s exchange, based on the game of Old Maid. Kathryn Hunter of Blackbird Letterpress came up with the idea and asked that everyone create a character and then print a pair of cards, using letterpress, in an edition of 35, she says she’s drawn to this game “for the alliteration and cleverness of the graphics and characters” and I quite agree. It was a great project and I’m thrilled to have been a part of it.


It was a tough decision at first, I thought of all kinds of characters and ended up going with Beat-it-Billie-Jean. Initially I did a sketch on paper, then scanned + enhanced in Illustrator using my Wacom tablet. Photopolymer plates were made for the illustration and printed on Lettra, using my C&P 8×12 NS. “Old Maid” printed with my mismatched collection of vintage wood type.


To see all of the fabulous creations that this printer’s exchange group came up with as they come in, go to the Blackbird Letterpress blog!


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Comment by kathryn

I used to love playing Old Maid, and your take on it is so fun! Love the design — hope you all are selling the pack somewhere. Great gift idea.

Comment by jen jafarzadeh

Your work is phenomenal. Tactile and gorgeous. And this is a great new twist on an old favourite. Love it!

Comment by Christina

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