BirdDog im{press}ions

wish i’d come up with that

Continuing on the NSS ship of coverage, here are some designers and letterpress printers that are in the favorite category – of course, most of them, like me, do some kind of pattern work and we all know i’ll never get enough of that. So here goes …


Patterns! Sewn to Paper! Say no more, this is Pikku.


Cute screenprinted tea towel and folksy euro-inspired patterns from dutch door press.


The Geo Mantis from Pearl & Marmalade, reminds me of this neato geometric coloring book I had as a little girl.


Hee-haw from Wiley Valentine, their vintage-influenced style is inspiring and their blog is a must-read.


Pattern in orange? Yes, please. This one from Hello! Lucky.


Super-cute woodland creatures surrounded in faux bois, irresistables from Dee & Lala.


Neighbors hailing from Basalt, Colorado, these punchy patterns are from the Iota line.


Another one of my first letterpress loves is Egg Press. They have some fabulous patterns {including an awesome memory matching game} and a great video on their website you should watch.


Saving some of the best for last, I will never tire of the combinations of lead type ornaments & borders that Hammerpress puts together. Whew! Now I know why my dogs were barking, I motored through the aisles and took it all in. Maybe one more post tomorrow and my coverage will be complete.


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