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Have you seen the awesomeness that is Scoutie Girl? A penchant for the passionately handmade. I owe my brief introduction fame today to Doubleh-vay who I met at that super-informative Chicks who Click conference a month ago.

Okay, so this post is the straw that is making me feel oh so ME ME ME these last couple of weeks. I assure you that though the game of self-discovery is never over, I will give it a rest in lieu of letterpress projects for others now. So check back with me.


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Thank you for the shout out to Scoutie Girl! I was so happy that Amy featured your work!! Made me laugh, smile and nod along. My husband grew up with a German Shorthair – so he loves your logo!!!

All the best
jan (aka scoutie girl)

Comment by daisy janie : scoutie girl

These are so pretty! Thanks for sharing! I really enjoy your blog!

Comment by Krista

GSPs are inspiring! Thank YOU for having a great blog! I’ll have to put some more photos of Siler {the BirdDog} up somewhere soon!

Comment by Allison Bozeman

Thanks Krista! Just popped over to your blog and am now dreaming of Italy. Oh how I would snarf up an Insalata Caprese right now. mmmm.

Comment by Allison Bozeman

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