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January 6, 2009, 2:19 pm
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Back in the summer, my mom and I went to South Carolina – to visit with my Granny Lou, and to painstakingly, go through, purge, organize and re-pack all of her STUFF. She had a storage space just down the country road and over the border in North Carolina and since I talked her in to moving out here to Lyons over a year ago, I offered to go help bring back all of her belongings. It was a chore to say the least, but it was also inspiring. Inspiring to find fun sentimental things from her father’s childhood, her childhood, my childhood … and inspiring to shed some of it via a huge 15′ truck to the Goodwill. Liberating and exhausting.

I am presently moving my studio from my basement/garage to a sweet little place here in town. I couldn’t be more thrilled. Moving always reminds me of how much STUFF I have though and I’ve been going through a bit of an overwhelmed spell recently. It has now been exacerbated. Maybe my mom will return the favor and help me go through all of MY stuff.

I am quite inspired by these two Time Magazine articles: here and here.

{before, see after above}



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you are constantly rewarded in life for your good deeds… You have a loving husband a beautiful baby boy and a loyal companion in Siler. You have your health, your passion, and the love of your family which seems to be growing in Lyons. What a wonderful treat!

My dad did exactly what you are doing to move my grand mother to Tejas a little over a year ago. He did not ask for my help, although I wished he would have. I have been working on my family geneology and am writing a book, but much of the “inspirational clutter” that I would have loved to have kept was tossed out to make the move easier. I have since learned this after asking questions about my grandfather whom I never met. So be thankful for this opportunity no matter how arduous the journey.

Miss you!

Comment by Jeffrey

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